1. OFFERS - Our offers are valid for 60 days and the orders we receive are accepted only if confirmed in writing.

2. PRICES - The prices indicated in ns. offers are fixed for the period of validity of the bid, except for changes in any part of the costs. If you do not otherwise specified, the price is for single piece. All quotations are from intended for goods delivered ex works, excluding packaging. Unless otherwise agreed the packaging is measured at cost 

3. TRANSPORTATION - Transportation charges to destination including any other charges or fees that costs should be borne on the goods shall be borne by the buyer. The products travel at the risk of recipient, and in no event shall we be held accountable for failure or irregular delivery by the postal services, railways, etc. couriers.

4. DELIVERY - Delivery dates indicated in ns. order confirmations have character merely indicative and not exhaustive, nor mandatory for the seller therefore ns. company assumes no liability for damages arising from delays in delivery. The supplies will be carried out according to the programming and production capacity of the seller. Delivery periods shall commence on the complete transmission of all the data necessary for the execution order. Cases of force majeure, such as lack of lectricity, any amendments accepted by ns. Company after receipt of order, difficulty supply of raw materials, failure to fulfill the terms of payment by Customer etc., you authorize us to extend the delivery time.

5. WEIGHTS AND TOLERANCE - Weights and volumes indicated in shipments, are approximate; also point out that the quantities ordered a tolerance of plus or minus 10%.

6. CANCELLATION OF ORDERS - We accept cancellations of orders after communication written 30 days. before the expiry of the order, except material already produced. 

7. WARRANTIES OF CONFORMITY '- The ns. uff. quality guarantees conformity of the product with technical specifications indicated on the drawings or contractually agreed, hereby disclaims all responsibility for the use or misuse other than as expressly agreed. The guarantee is expressly limited to the replacement of defective parts to the Seller and returned by the Buyer to the exclusion of any right to recover damages, even lost profits, of any nature and any replacement surgery and repair free of charge at the Buyer's